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Dive into our monthly professional development membership, crafted for women aiming to conquer corporate challenges. Gain the skills, confidence, and resources needed to ascend in your career.
Let’s elevate together.

The Benefits Of Membership

Group coaching

Career roadmap

Supportive community 

Monthly Challenges

Expert Training

Monthly Workshops

Imagine the NExt phase of youR career

What if the only thing standing between you and your next career breakthrough is the decision to step forward? Our membership is designed to transform not just your career, but your confidence and vision for the future. Through our dedicated support and resources, envision a world where:

What if you could turn these possibilities into your reality? Are you ready to take the first step towards a career that not only meets but exceeds your expectations?

Its Time to claim the career You Deserve

One-third of your life is spent working —
shouldn’t you be passionate about what you do?

Feeling trapped or undervalued in your current role can be disheartening. You have this nagging feeling that you should be further ahead, earning more, and achieving greater things. Yet, opportunities seem to consistently bypass you.

You’re aware of your potential and the contributions you could make… if only you had the courage to demand what you rightfully deserve.

Hoping for someone to notice your hard work and offer you the promotion or pay raise you’ve been yearning for often leads to disappointment.

It’s time to take the reins of your career. Stepping up and taking proactive measures are essential in navigating the corporate landscape and ascending to new heights.

It seems unfair…

it's no secret women automatically start at a career disadvantage.

Ready to make a Change?

 You’re in the right place. 

let me introduce

your ticket to the career you've always dreamed of....

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Let's Develop a Plan to Get the Career of Your Dreams

The “Unlock The Leader Within” monthly membership provides you with a personalized career roadmap, empowering you to grasp your upcoming professional milestones with confidence.

Created with the aspirations of mid-level professional women in mind, our weekly sessions, abundant resources, and supportive community are your allies in navigating and advancing your journey through the corporate landscape.

Empower Your Ascent

Close the Gaps, Climb Higher!

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The Confidence Gap

While women wait to match 100% of job qualifications before applying, men often leap at 60%. Let’s bridge this gap with the courage to pursue our ambitions sooner.

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The Pay Gap

Despite progress, women’s earnings in 2022 mirrored the disparity of two decades ago, at 82% of what men earned. Together, we aim to erase this divide.

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The Promotion Gap

In 2023, for every 100 men stepping up from entry level to manager, only 87 women made the same leap, with even fewer women of color. It’s time to elevate our representation at every level.

Together, we dismantle barriers and build bridges to a workplace where equality isn’t just possible—it’s a given.

Join the No Woman Left Behind membership for access to monthly training,
and a community to help you prepare for the next opportunity. 

Join today starting at $29 a month!

Meet Your Certified Career Coach

Hi! I’m Rosie Zilinskas!

Once I stopped holding myself back, my corporate career flourished. I want the same for you!

Believe me, I know what it feels like to watch everyone around you get promoted. You expect to be recognized and rewarded for your hard work, but wind up stalled in your cubicle. I have been there. 
Once I realized I had to advocate for myself, I got serious about preparing for the next opportunity. I ultimately rose to the level of executive vice president. That’s why I’m passionate about helping mid-level professional women like you advance their corporate careers. 

Unlock the leader within IS FOR YOU IF:


Join as a Founding Member and Get Lifetime Access

In celebration of International Women’s Day, join as a founding member for $113 and never pay again! Join in March to take advantage of this special rate. Beginning April 1st, the price starts at $29 per month.

Why $113? It’s the 113th anniversary of the first International Women’s Day held in March 1911. 

Join now for $113 and get a lifetime membership to Unlock the leader within!

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Blueprint Beginners

Embark on Your Career Transformation Journey

Dive into the heart of your professional development with the Blueprint Beginners tier, meticulously designed for those ready to ignite their corporate ascent. Every month, unlock a treasure trove of resources tailored to elevate your career blueprint:

As a Blueprint Beginner, you get…


Ready to get out of your own way and level up your life with encouragement, community, and live interactive group calls?

As an Adventurer you get…

best for

The woman who is self-motivated, ready to invest in herself, in community, and desires to find her voice when it comes to advocating for herself. Inside this tier you will learn how to set boundaries with yourself and others, break your cycles, and learn how to live a holistic healthy lifestyle.

Trail Blazer

It’s time to go all in- getting personalized coaching support from Danielle and her team through the group, live office hours, and deeper accountability groups.

best for

The woman who is ready to invest in herself and others inside the group knowing health and wellness doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but in community. This woman also desires personalized coaching and accountability at a higher level.


Here's What You'll Learn

module 1

Learn Your Learner

We’ll kickoff the course with a deep dive on the psychological and tangible factors impacting your “target learner”, so you can build a course just for them.

module 2

Determine Your Outcomes

Stop centering your educational materials on what YOU know and trying to cram your expertise into too many modules…we’ll instead start with the tangible & emotional outcome you want your student to reach.

module 3

Write Your Assessment

Learn what’s important to assess both pre and post-course and how to write qualitative and quantitative assessment questions. (Or, borrow our pre-made templates for you to duplicate!)

module 4

Pick Your Course Structure​

Sorting your course modules by “category” is about as useful as doing legs week one, arms week two, and back week three. Learn to choose a structure that will actually help your students succeed. 

module 5

Choose Learning Objectives

No more overwhelm! By the end of this module, you know EXACTLY what your student will know, practice, and integrate during EACH week, lesson, or module of your program.

module 6

Build Engaging Lessons

Featuring over 100 student engagement and lesson planning prompts, this is where we help you build a course that ACTUALLY stands out. Slapping video lectures together is not enough!

Ready to get started?

After joining our membership, you will experience a transformative journey:

You'll Go From...

To This...


Heck yes! I'm in!





Monthly Payments Of


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t attend the sessions live?

No problem! At the end of the month, you’ll receive a resource guide with links to recordings of the trainings and hot seat coaching.

What if I join and then decide this membership isn’t for me?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee. 

Will there be an opportunity to network with other participants?

Absolutely! We want to build an amazing and supportive community. You’re encouraged to talk with members outside our regular meetings.

Do I have to sign up for a long-term commitment?

Memberships are month to month so you can stay as long as you like. [Spoiler alert: You’ll want to stick around!]  

I'm on the fence. How can I get some questions answered?

Schedule a 30-minute consultation with Rosie. Book your call here.

Ready to have the career you've always wanted?

Don’t let another career opportunity pass you by. Instead, get a focused strategy and practical tools so you can step confidently into the next phase of your career.

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